Rouse Appraisals

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During my tenure as one of the pioneering Product Managers at Rouse, I had the opportunity to contribute significantly to the Appraisals department, aiding them in tackling some of their most pressing challenges. This primarily involved the comprehensive reformation of their data collection, analysis, and reporting protocols.

Our resourceful, tightly-knit team successfully pioneered the development of three unique products from scratch.

1. Inspector App: This innovative iOS application was designed to streamline the process of collecting asset data for construction equipment inspectors.

2. Admin Site: A specialized platform to facilitate analysts' swift and accurate access to asset information.

3. Client Site: A user-friendly, client-centric portal to enable our customers to easily view and comprehend the value of their company's assets.

Key Learnings:

- Effectiveness: A compact, agile team can produce remarkable results.

- User Research: Engaging with users in person and observing them use your product in real-time can yield invaluable insights.

- Speed vs Quality: The significance of automated and user testing should never be underestimated.