MH Advantage

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MH Advantage was conceptualized as a solution aimed at aiding low-income Americans in affording their first home. This program facilitated a minimal 3% down payment option for qualifying Manufactured Homes. Even though mortgage financing is not a traditional tech product, the product I was involved in served as the cornerstone in helping individuals realize their American Dream. Following a grand launch, I take immense pride in the fact that numerous individuals are now homeowners due to our work.

Key Insights:

1. Team Communication: I've understood the importance of capitalizing on existing tools like Scrum methodologies, Jira, and Slack to foster seamless communication among all team members.

2. Multifaceted Platform Approach: I've learned to discern and cater to the needs of various stakeholders in a multi-sided platform. This involved ensuring we are resolving issues for the right party - a strategy encapsulated in the principle "When the user feels X, the business feels Y".

3. User Engagement: Recognizing the importance of stepping out of the office and regularly engaging with different user types, to better understand their needs and enhance our product offering.