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In February 2021, along with numerous colleagues, I was part of a workforce reduction at Cognizant Softvision. It was a deeply challenging experience, one that prompted a significant period of introspection. However, resilience led me to transform this adversity into an opportunity.

With a long-standing interest in e-commerce, I was drawn to its dynamic nature of balancing customer needs, ensuring continuous supplies, and operating within an e-commerce platform. Recognizing a public demand for inexpensive, readily available personal protective equipment (PPE), I took the plunge into the world of eBay, establishing myself as a full-time seller of affordable PPE.

Over a span of merely five months, I managed to sell PPE worth $35,000 to consumers worldwide. Yet, my primary objective was not profit; it was to gain deeper insights into the workings of e-commerce and contribute to my local community. In line with this, I donated PPE goods approximating a value of $20,000 to local first responders and hospitals, a contribution that was deeply appreciated, as exemplified by the image above featuring nurses whom I had donated masks to.

Key Learnings:

1. Customer Satisfaction: Though it can be challenging to consistently achieve, customer satisfaction is incredibly rewarding. I learned the value of going the extra mile to ensure customer happiness, even if it meant issuing refunds or absorbing inventory losses.

2. Supply Chain Procurement: Procuring supplies, specifically PPE, necessitates an extensive understanding of pertinent laws and regulations.

3. Cost Monitoring: It's essential to keep a close eye on business costs. E-commerce platform fees can accumulate swiftly, impacting the bottom line.